Crumpets FAQ


Why are your crumpets different from other companies?
Our crumpets are fermented in small batches, with a focus on using the best local produce and maintaining the Artisan flavours. We use Pepe Saya Buttermilk, Australian wholemeal flour from Tamworth, and Olsson’s Sea salt. Sourcing the best local ingredients not only allows for the best tasting crumpets but also our point of differentiation utilising other Australian businesses.
Why do they have so many holes?
Crumpets are famous for having their signature holes which is perfect in allowing any spread or topping to perfectly seep in. These holes are formed during the fermentation process and increase in size as they are cooked. The steam pushes the bubbles up causing the flutes which makes the holes!
How do I store crumpets?
For longer lasting crumpets the best way to store is Frozen and in an Airtight container. Due to crumpets being high in moisture and preservative free they will last 3 months frozen. This will give you plenty of time to think about what to pair your crumpets with.
How do I serve crumpets?
Crumpets are the perfect vessel for any dish – sweet or savory.
Traditional buttermilk crumpets can become a hearty eggs benny with pulled beef, or an at home treat with Pepe Saya Maple Butter and strawberries. The possibilities are endless but exciting, you can enjoy any time of day (not just for a quick brekkie) but also pairs well with a hot cup of tea.
Check out our Instagram to get inspiration of how you can create your perfect crumpets depending on your preference! @crumpetsbymerna

How do I toast my crumpets from frozen?
Toasting frozen crumpets are easy! Just place your toaster on a low setting or a defrost setting if possible 2 to 3 times depending how crunchy you like it.